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Reader in Maintenance Mode

We are doing an upgrade on our backend, which will affect your reading experience. During the maintenance you will not be able to add new feeds or see new contents. The maintenance will last ~30 minutes.

Down For Maintenance

Aol Reader will be down for maintenance tomorrow (12/09) at 11am EST. During the maintenance you will not be able to access it, and that includes any third party mobile apps you may be using. The maintenance will last up to 3 hours, and we will provide another update once the site is up.


A few minor updates:

  1. Fixed tag modal not opening repeatedly
  2. Fixed mail link not working in chrome for Gmail
  3. Fixed default option set to off for automatic mark all as read options
  4. Reading list is viewed by default for all tags (same as starred)

Maintenance Update - Done!

Update: The maintenance is finished, please let us know if you are not seeing new articles.

Between 7am to 10am EST tomorrow morning (1/7), our backend system will be down for maintenance. During this time reader is still accessible but you will not be able to see new articles.

We will provide an update once the maintenance is finished or if the schedule has changed.

Add Feed and OPML Import Issues - Fixed

We have pushed an update to fix the add feed and OPML import issues (see here).

Paused on feed updates - [Update]

Update [18:08]: We have restarted the system, articles should be coming in again.

Due to an unrelated issue, we have to stop our feed crawlers temporarily. We apologise for the inconvenience we may have caused and we will provide an update ASAP.

Stability Issues [Completed]

Update [10:20 EST]
Both issues have been resolved. We will continue to monitor the system to make sure it's stable moving forward.

Update [16:02 EST]
We had a hiccup with our database which caused the feeds update issue.We are working with our DBAs to have it resolved.
As for the unread count issue, we have a potential fix for that. The rollout will be gradual so we can monitor the update.

For the past couple days we have been running into issues that caused the system to become unstable. Over the course of the next few days, we'll be making updates to fix these issues. You can follow our progress in here and here.

Reader's availability and article updates issues [RESOLVED]

Articles update was behind because of a database issue that was resolved last night. Most, if not all, of your feeds should be updated.

Our front end servers experienced some hiccups this morning, causing some of you not able to reach our site. This is currently resolved and we are investigating the root cause.

If you are still running in either issues, please let us know here.

Issue saving an article's state [FIXED]

Update: The issue has been resolved.

There's seem to be an issue not allowing users to change an article's state (mark as read, starred, etc). The engineering team is looking into it, we will have an update as soon as possible. You can follow this post, our social media, or our help forum for updates. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Temporarily Unavailable - Update

Update: We are back online! Let us know if you are seeing any issues.

We will be doing maintenance on our backend servers and there will be some downtime up to 1 hour. We apologise for the inconvenience.