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Reader Outage - Updated

Update (9:58AM): Reader is back online, let us know if you're still having issues.

Since early this morning (EST), part of our infrastructure had become inaccessible. As a result, Reader is not available, and this affects both our web UI and mobile apps. We are working on the issue as we speak.

Stay tuned.

Update: Some minor changes

With our recent iOS release, we have updated our homepage to provide a one stop shop for all the Aol Reader mobile apps.

Including in the update are some minor bug fixes, most notably are bringing mark as read with one click, and making mark as read by clicking unread count optional. Now you can go to Settings -> General and set these options.

As always, you can contact us for any issues or suggestions.

iOS App

It's finally here! You can download it from the App Store.


It's been almost 3 months since we launched our redesign and we have gotten a lot of feedbacks from our users, thank you for letting us know what we need to improve!

Here are the changes you have asked for: You can visit our help page to see what the progress is for other bug fixes and feature requests.

We have also added a preview feature in our Discovery/Search page. Now you can take a look of what kind of content a feed provides before subscribe to it. If you don't like what you see and want to look at other feeds, simply click the browser's back button and continue your browsing.

Thank you again with your inputs and please continue to do so so we can build a better reader for you!

Login issue for Apple users

If you have been using @me.com or @mac.com to log into Aol Reader, you will not be able to do so anymore. More information is available here.

In order to resolve this, please open a ticket with us at http://help.reader.aol.com (click Contact Support).

Error in the reading list

Our backend has been experiencing some hiccups lately, which is affecting your reading experience.

How do I know if this is happening to me?

There are couple things you may notice:
  1. When you open a feed or a category, you may see the reading list doesn't get updated, with a red error message at the bottom of the page.
  2. Your unread count doesn't match the number of unread items in your reading list.

Refreshing the browser can help your reading experience, unfortunately that is only a temporary solution.

We will be updating this post as we make progress. If you have any questions, please contact us at http://help.reader.aol.com.

Issue with third party mobile apps

If you have been using third party mobile apps to access your AOL Reader feeds, we have just released a fix to will allow you to use the apps again. If you are still having issues, please let us know in the comments, social media, or our forum.

Reader Redesign

Welcome to our new look! We hope you like it as much as we do. Here are some of the changes:


The biggest change of the redesign is our header. We simplified it by replacing some lesser used options with the reader specific ones. The refresh and add feed options stay on the left, while the search, user, and reader options have moved to the right. All options work as before, plus:
  • A mini version of the Discover section is available in the add feed modal
  • New keyboard short cuts to access settings and organize views (press ? to see the full list)
  • Not sure where everything is? Check out our new tour guide under Options->Tour

Full Screen

For full screen users, we have made a few navigational changes to improve your reading experience:
  • Opening the side bar will not cover part of the reading list.
  • Adding a feed does not require opening the side bar first. Instead of pressing 'u' and then 'a', you now only need to press 'a'.
  • Everything in the new header will be available by either keyboard short cuts, or moving your mouse to the top of the window.
  • When you activate full screen the first time, we will now ask you to make sure you did not 'fat finger'.

Multi-select and Sort within categories

Organizing your feeds and categories are easier than ever!
  • ​We have added sorting for folders - right click on the folder and you will see the option to sort in ascending or descending order. Please note if you sort under All afterwards, your sorting in each folder will inherit that.
  • We beefed up our drag and drop function with multi select option. Ctrl/Cmd-click on multiple feeds or categories allow you to drag and drop them in bulk. However, this does not work if you mix feeds and categories together.

Updates in Discover

You can now access our discover section via two ways:
  1. Clicking on Discover in the side bar
  2. Inside our add feed modal
We have also updated the whole section with new links and category, providing more reading options to you.

And many more...
For everyone who has been giving us feedbacks, thank you! You have provided us valuable insights on how to improve your experience with AOL Reader. We have listened and here are the rest of the changes according to your feedbacks:
As always, please let us know in the comment or our feedback section for any questions or concerns.

Issues with articles - Updates 4 (Fixed)

Issues have occurred in the past couple days that may have affected your reading experience. We are actively working on the fixes and we will keep you updated on the progress. If you are not sure the issues you are experienced have been reported, you can go to our help forum for more information and contact us if needed.

Updates (as of 6/5/14):
We have pushed a potential fix for the following issues: If you continue to see those two issues, please let us know in the links provided.

Updates (as of 6/6/14):
Over the weekend, we will be applying fixes to the following issues: During this time, our system could be unstable to some users. This only applies to article retrievals and search. If you see other types of issues, please continue to keep us informed.

Updates (as of 6/9/14):
The following issues have been fixed: We are still monitoring and verifying the fix we did over the weekend for Article duplications, and if you continue to see the issue, please let us know asap.

Updates (as of 6/11/4):
A fix has been in place for Article duplications. If you continue to see the issue, please let us know asap.

No new articles - Fixed

Update: The issue has been resolved. If you are still having problems, please leave a comment or contact us at http://help.reader.aol.com

Since late last night, there is an issue with retrieving new articles. We are looking into it and will continue to post update here as soon as possible.