This latest release of AOL Reader comes with many new exciting features and changes. We have taken steps to make your experience richer and more user-friendly, taking into account your feedback and suggestions. Take a look below!

Changes to the Add Subscription process and the Discover section
We've streamlined our Add Subscription workflow by removing the modal and separate the topics directory.

You can either enter a RSS feed, URL, or a search term (which then takes you to the search result view).

Clicking on the Browse Directory button will take you to our new Discover (previously known as Topics) section.

Updated Search
The new search bar now supports auto complete + suggestions.

For Chrome users, you don't even need to type - just click on the mic icon, say what you want to search, and we'll automatically give you the results!

More Options in the Left Panel
Previously we introduced options to edit and unsubscribe to feeds by right-clicking on the feed name in the left panel. In this release, we have added more options and they are available for All, categories, and feeds.

Right Click on AllRIght Click on CategoriesRIght Click on Feed

New Organize View
The new view allows users to edit their feeds and categories in bulk.

Organizing Categories
Organizing categories

Organizing Feeds
Organizing feeds

To edit a single feed or category, options are available on the right side of each item. Bulk options are available on the top of the screen; you can select multiple items using the checkbox next to each item, or you can use the 'Select All' checkbox next to the 'Add Tag' icon.

New Mobile Layout
With this new layout, we brought feed and view options to the bottom of each page to streamline the navigation process.

Now you will be able to navigate between articles and perform any actions with only a click or two. We have also added an option in Settings which allows you to see only subscriptions or feeds that have unread articles.

Bug fixes and User Inputs
First, the reader team would like to thank everyone who has given us feedbacks and suggestions, allowing us to build a better product for YOU. For the past few weeks we have been trying to push out as many bug fixes and feature requests as quickly as possible, while continuing to build some bigger features. Here are some of the items we have completed based on your input: