We have revamped our homepage to provide a better idea on what AOL Reader is and what are we doing to bring you the best reading experience on the web.

Additionally, with this release you can now search any articles (up to 30 days old) within your feeds. All starred articles, regardless of their age, can be searched as well.

A new drop down option to let you search within your feeds

Tabbed search results allow you to switch between feeds, articles, and starred results

We have also updated our mobile interface to reflect these changes:

Article search for mobile

New homepage for mobile

Using your favorite HTTPS browser plugin with AOL Reader is no longer a problem! We have now enabled HTTPS. For users who don't use a HTTPS browser plugin, you can turn on HTTPS in Settings.

We hope these features will make your reading more enjoyable! And as always, let us know in the comments or contact support for any questions.